September 2012

Thin Hair

September 27, 2012

I have barley shoulder length hair that is very thin growing out that backwards bob due so many of us have. I was wondering if anyone had a pic or suggestion for my next cut, mainly something that supports thin hair. Keeping in ming I hardly blow out my hair I usually just let it […]

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Thinning hair

September 17, 2012

My hair is starting to thin in the middle/crown area. Now that I’ve gotten a short cut it’s a lot more noticeable. It’s pretty common amongst my family, my mom and her mom, and a few of my aunts also has thinner hair in that area. However, my mom said that my hair shouldn’t be […]

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DRY hair, any tips

September 4, 2012

My hair is pretty dry and brittle, I chopped it off down to 4 inches long 7 mo ago, quit using styling products and hair coloring, I still use my straightner about once a month (sorry I will never give that up completly) Quit smoking (last Feb). Shampoo 2-3x a week. Daily deep conditioners and […]

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