October 2012

Vitamins for Hair

October 22, 2012

Any recommendations? My hair is thinning out and I’m losing a lot in the shower. I’d like to try a vitamin that will help. Thanks in advance!!!

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Why is my hair falling out

October 18, 2012

Ok so i was in the bath yesterday and i noticed a lot of hair floating around so i started fishing it out and there was a lot I mean like alomost a handful then this morning i wake up and take out my ponytail and i notice a lot more hair is falling out […]

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Viviscal Hair Loss Treatment

October 15, 2012

When I first came across Viviscal I had been looking for an effective hair loss treatment for a couple of years. Ever since I gave birth to my first child my hair had never been as thick as it had been. I had shed a lot of hair and hairless patched had appeared around the […]

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