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For men aged 18 to 49regaine foam
Rogaine Foam
For men aged 18 to 65regaine foam
Rogaine Solution

Stopping Hair Loss

Hair loss is often considered a male only problem but you may be surprised to learn that 40% of people suffering from it are women. Whether you are male or female hair loss can be devastating but you are certainly not alone with it effecting 50% of men and 25% of women at some point in their lives.

Upon discovering that you are losing you hair the first thing you may do is look into the available treatments on the market – this can be somewhat overwhelming has there are seemingly dozens of them which claim to cure you of your problem! Great news, you may think. Unfortunately the vast majority of these products are not backed up by any form of science or clinical trial. They will do little to prevent further hair loss let alone enable you to recover your lost hair.

Prescription Treatments

One option then is to discuss possible solutions with your doctor. He will be able to prescribe you a treatment which may stop the loss of any more hair and in some case stimulate new growth. Currently there are two common treatments which doctors prescribe to their patients: Finasteride – an oral medication which reduces the production of DHT in your body; and Minoxidil – a topical solution which you apply to your scalp on a daily basis.

Over The Counter Treatments

There are a few treatments which are available over-the-counter without prescription which are proven to be effective at stopping hair loss. These are:

  • Viviscal (natural food supplement which studies have shown is effective for 80% men and women in 6 months).
  • Rogaine Foam (a minoxidil based foam which is applied to your scalp and has a 85% chance to regrow you hair when used for 4 months).
  • Rogaine Extra Strength Solution (an FDA-approved topical solution which has been proven to regrow hair for 80% of men).

On HairLossHQ we will focus of these non prescription, clinically proven treatments. We will give you advice on which ones best suit your type of alopecia, we have a growing number of user reviews available. We also have up to date price comparison lists for each products so you can buy it at the lowest price without having to scour the net – we have done it for you.