Viviscal Now 50% Stronger

January 31, 2013

Viviscal has been a leading brand for hair loss in Europe for many years. Now the makers have increased it’s potency by 50%, given it a new name: Viviscal Extra Strength (previously the unaptly named Max Strength) and are now marketing it here in the US. Viviscal┬«, the world’s leading brand of dietary supplements is […]

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Viviscal Hair Loss Treatment

October 15, 2012

When I first came across Viviscal I had been looking for an effective hair loss treatment for a couple of years. Ever since I gave birth to my first child my hair had never been as thick as it had been. I had shed a lot of hair and hairless patched had appeared around the […]

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Thinning Hair In Women – Just What Can Be Done To Help

August 25, 2012

Once a lot of us get to 50 we will need to search for a treatment to prevent hair thinning. Our head of hair has been our pride and joy and to the very last thing we want is to find out that we are losing it. If you are experiencing this condition, you might […]

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