Hair Breakage

OMG. My hair is breaking off. I have never had any problems with my hair breaking. I’m not straightening it everyday. I haven’t changed hair products or had any different chemical processing done to my hair. ( My hair is highlighted, but has been in excellent condition until this past month) I’m thinking maybe hormones or vitamin deficiency but I’m so upset. Please someone tell me if any of you have had this happen and tell me what I can do?


Are you brushing your hair when it’s wet?


No, never. In fact, to tell you the truth, I really “Baby” my hair. It started after I got it highlighted last month. But I’ve been going to the same hairdresser for years, and have had my hair highlighted for the last 25 years. My hair is always shiny and very strong. and its just breaking off in short pieces. And not just from the ends. All over. Oh, and also, I only blowdry it about once or twice a week. I always let it air dry. HELP!!!!!


I would say try eating more protein, and taking omega 3 capsules (fish oil or flax seed oil). What you eat really does affect the way you look (not just weight wise). Without enough protein or with low-quality protein, you can
experience weak brittle hair.


Without enough protein or with low-quality protein, you can experience weak brittle hair.

You are so sweet to help me. I just read the first link you sent. It was a bit confusing, but very informative. I definitely think you are right…… and can I say duh? I have been on a diet for a month now ( Exactly as long as my hair has been falling out.) I feel so stupid. So I’m gonna take your advice and try to watch the types of proteins I’m eating and probably try an aphogee treatment just to be on the safe side. I still have to check out this second link you sent me. Thanks again.


I would try a clarifying shampoo.Your diet for the most part only affects new growth.

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