Hair Loss – Can Balding & Hair Thinning Be Stopped?

natural hair regrowthFor the majority of women and men it’s really a dreadful thing to suddenly find handfulls of hair after taking a shower. Our thick hair head of hair has become our pride and joy so the last thing you want is to find out that it is falling out. Prevalence to hair loss in no way cultural, research has shown that the prevalence of hair thinning in females along with males is at an all-time high.

It could be simply a question of researching a suitable shampoo. There’s also the alternative of hair extensions, they are often an option but all they will do is cover up the issue but not actually do anything about the hair thinning.

Realise a small amount of hair thinning is perfectly common. If you think maybe it is over 150 strands of hair each day however consequently you will want to find a way to reduce the hair thinning.

follicleYou have no doubt heard about Dht also know as dihydrotestosterone. It’s universally understood that this hormone is to blame for most premature hair loss victims problems. Dht is introduced through the blood stream and it’s the primary reason for your thinning hair. The hair growth is significantly reduced if the dht binds to the roots of your hair keeping the follicle from obtaining essential nutrients. In the end, of course they die which leaves areas of missing strands of hair.

Approximately half of guys who have reached the age of 50 yrs suffer some type of baldness. This can be receding hair at the front, uniform all round hair thinning or, the most common, male pattern baldness on the top of the head.

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