My hair get all over the place

It falls out everywhere, all over the house, the only thing I can think of to help this problem is to brush it more often,its annoying,What do you suggest? Thank you!


Ugh, I feel your pain. I’ve had the same problem, where my hair falls out by the hand fulls in the shower and little ones fall out all day long. Its actually getting better since i went back on the vitamins I was taking when I was pregnant and they seem to be calming down the falling hairs. So if you are on vitamins they may not be absorbing into your system. I take solaray prenatal vitamins for pregnant and lactating moms. You can find them only in vitamin stores but I feel like they are working.


Heres a question for you. Are you under a lot of stress? The reason that I ask is, I had the same problem in my previous marriage. Now I’m with someone else and the hair loss has ended with the stress. I’m not say its your husband, but maybe its stress.


Thanks for answering my post!I don’t take vitamins, I will have to look into that, maybe that will help with my hair problem. I’m also a stressful person because I suffer from panic/anxiety disorder, that could be it to, not sure.Tina


i feel ya i shed all over the place. I’m just glad i have thick hair bc if i didnt i would be balding at this point.


Do you get your hair trimmed on a regular basis? Just cutting off a little bit every few weeks helps to keep your hair healthy and will reduse hair loss due to breakage. Other than that I agree with others, taking vitamins is a good idea to keep your hair healthy and stress of course can cause this, freakin stress makes EVERYTHING worse!! lol


I try to get my hair trimmed on a regular basis but I’m do for a trim now, I’m going to make an appt soon to get a trim, color, highlight. Vitamins might be the key since I don’t take them.Thank you!

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