Thin Hair

I have barley shoulder length hair that is very thin growing out that backwards bob due so many of us have. I was wondering if anyone had a pic or suggestion for my next cut, mainly something that supports thin hair. Keeping in ming I hardly blow out my hair I usually just let it air dry, I’m not really great at styling soi I need something simple to do. Thanks in advance!!!!


Well, if you don’t want to keep going with the inverted bob look, why not try a shag cut then with it all being done with a razor?? I’ve got baby fine/thin hair too and I gotta tell ya, the inverted bob is the way for me to go. I just got mine done and it was all razor cut and it looks sharp. Good luck with what you decide.


Thin hair
I have always had thin hair and have tried a lot of different products over the years to help make it look fuller. Are there any good products to use to either make hair thicker or at least look thicker? Thanks


Big Sexy Hair products are the best!!


Are they sold in stores or online?? My husband’s cousin has her own shop and I have never seen them there. Maybe I wasn’t looking for the right thing. I see there is a website.


hi…ive tryed many hair care products,both over the counter and professional.,im a hairdresser,im always looking for fuller thicker hair myself..believe it or not,PANTENE has 2 very good lines one is called VOLUME and the other is FULL and THICK…both work great GREAT..and you dont have to pay a arm and leg..go to walmart..if your lucky they may be on sale..


I tried pantene years ago and I don’t think that it worked very well. It weighed it down.


pantene was very different years ago…i can remember it as far back as 20 years ! it was heavy…not anymore ! they have changed there formulations,and come along way in improving their line -making new formulations for all hair types now,,,fine,curly,dry,colored ect..each one works best on that type hair..really is good stuff…its wonderful ! also my hair is fine,and i use it alot….dosent weigh mine down,but also its good to change around ! i do..


Hi… My hair is fine and I thought it was thin, but my hairdresser said it was fine, but not thin… If I put my hair in a pony tail, the pony part is not thick at all… I don’t use many products because of weighing it down… I do use Sally’s Beauty Supply “ion” Shampoo for color treated hair (I get my hair foiled to get some swelling on some strands for body) and “ion” Color Defense Conditioner (I only use one squirt) This gives me no weighing down effects and no build up. When I get out of the shower I use the “ion” spray vitalizing volume builder. It works wonders for the crown part of my hair…. I’m running out of it and will need to get some soon… My hair does nothing without it… The more you brush your hair and blow dry it with this product the more volume you get…(don’t over do it though with fine or thin hair….we have breakage too…as you probably know) I hope this helps you…


I have been involved with editorial hairstyling for many years and I have to tell you – I was in Blue Mercury in NYC a couple weeks ago and saw that ORIBE had come out with a new line! (He is a little bit of an idol for me). I have been having thinning hair issues lately and bought their: Shampoo and Conditioner for Magnificent Volume and Volumista Hair Spray.
Have to tell you – THE BEST – and I have tried everything.
You see thin hair tends to look thicker for three different reasons – the products don’t leave residue on the hair, there is an ingredient that plumps the hair and lastly – the product keeps the hair healthy to reduce breakage.
This one does ALL 3 – I have never seen a conditioner so weightless – usually I skip conditioner because I get more volume when my hair is a little less moisturized (but then I trade off having healthier hair) – I have used this conditioner for two weeks straight with great results.
I so recommend this line – I actually just went online half way through this post and bought their anti-humidity spray (I guess I am easily excited) :)
Good hair shopping.


Thin hair
What do you suggest! Im seeing my hair thinning out…..Help me…Im Stressed causei dont want to see my scalp


You need vitamins start with Evening of Primrose and Flaxseed Oil my friend with a degree in Nutrition suggested this to me and it made a great difference. Also check the ingredients in your shampoos. You can look at the more expensive brands ingredients then look for them in the less expensive brands. But do the vitamin thing it really works.


Is that a oil base ??? wheredo you get it????? then the other you said do it in the evening????
Where do i purchase that?


I started using Nioxin about a month ago. It has worked wonders!!! After I had my daughter I had a huge clump (right in the front) fall out, and the rest of my head got really thin too. I just thought it would come back in. Well, almost 2 years later it still hadn’t grown back in. One of the girls up at work suggested I try using the Nioxin. I have no more bald spot in the front and my hair all over has gotten thicker. I use the shampoo, conditioner and scalp treatment (this is what really helped). My husband noticed after about 2 weeks of using it so he started to use it too.

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