Thinning Hair As You Age

I’m 34 yrs old and noticed the last 3 years that my hair has thinned out. It’s not as thick as it used to be. My part in my hair line is more visible. Someone told me once as a woman ages her hair thins.Is this normal for women in their 30′s to see thinning hair? I have had blood tests done and been to a dermatologist. They all say nothing is wrong. Test results come back good.


As some women grow older, new hairs may not grow. Hair usually thins gradually all over the head. This is called female pattern baldness, and is different than male pattern baldness. It can occur in younger women, but often begins to occur during menopause.
Age is not the only reason for hair thinning, however. Causes thinning hair women may experience include:

Poor diet.
Thyroid disease.
Certain medications.


My mom’s hair started thinning in her 30′s and (not to frighten you because I’m sure it’s not the norm) by her 40′s she had an almost bald patch up front. She saw dermatologists, and several other doctors, had blood work done everything was normal and fine except she kept losing her hair. She started taking Viviscal and her hair actually started to grow back. Now, 2 years later, you can’t even tell where the bald spot used to be, plus her hair is thicker then it was before. I’m sure that entire story wasn’t needed but your not alone with thinning hair and even though you didn’t ask I thought I’d give you an option to try. Trying Viviscal won’t hurt you (if your taking meds though ask your pharmacist), you can find it at a pharmacy or health store in the hair loss section.

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