Thinning hair

My hair is starting to thin in the middle/crown area. Now that I’ve gotten a short cut it’s a lot more noticeable. It’s pretty common amongst my family, my mom and her mom, and a few of my aunts also has thinner hair in that area. However, my mom said that my hair shouldn’t be thinning this early, I’m only 30. Anyone have tips or treatment suggestions on what I can do to correct.


Rogaine is the only thing I know that would help, and maybe some prenatal vitamins since it helps your hair and nails grow


I’ve tried Nioxin shampoos and conditioner, I’ve been taking biotin and I’ve used vitamin E capsules, my hairstylist told me to break them open and let the oil from the capsules dissolve into my scalp…nothing works. My hair grows longer and healthier much faster, but still thin on top


I’m 34 and my hair is thinning.Mine started thinning around 30 too. I went to the dr and dermotologist.Had tests and biopsy done.They all came back normal.My crown and my part are more visible too.The dermotoligists told me to use rogaine.I also had a beautician tell me to use biotin.And of course I’ve been told it’s normal for womens hair to thin as they age and it’s heriditary too.


the only product that know that actually works is nioxin and you have to use it continuousl and you have to make sure its not expire mostof them have an experation date. but what im not sure about if its good for ethnic hair this is what i sell in my salon i can ask my more knolageable co worker tomarrow shes knows more about ethnic hair then myself ill let u knw what she says

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