Vitamins for Hair

Any recommendations? My hair is thinning out and I’m losing a lot in the shower. I’d like to try a vitamin that will help. Thanks in advance!!!


Had the same problem.Dr. suggested the vitamin selenium 200 great. hope this helps you out! good luck


I’ve heard Viviscal is good for hair and nails, but I created a post about how much and haven’t gotten any responses yet. LOL!


There is a vitamin and shampoo that your finer salons sale called Niacin something like that and is supposedly good for your hair growth etc… I will have to get the exact name for you but very similar


My aunt works in a salon. She swears by the niacin. My cousins and another aunt were using it and it helped them a ton!!


I was just wondering the same thing…!


Are you talking about nioxin hair products? I use it, and I think it makes a little bit of difference, but I’m also taking vitamins and I’m on Thyroid medicine.


Thanks, ladies. I bought one yesterday from GNC. A friend of mine bought something w/Biotin from there and highly recommends it, fyi.

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