Viviscal Hair Loss Treatment

viviscal max packWhen I first came across Viviscal I had been looking for an effective hair loss treatment for a couple of years. Ever since I gave birth to my first child my hair had never been as thick as it had been. I had shed a lot of hair and hairless patched had appeared around the sides of my head. During those two years I have tried a number of different treatments which were either ineffective or had some unpleasant side-effects which I could not put up with for long.

I was beginning to think that all these so-called hair thinning treatments were a scam designed to extract money from people desperate for an effective cure – which did not exist.

Viviscal Max Strength

Then I went to a hairdresser – one I hadn’t used before. While we were chatting the issue I have with my thinning hair came up and she asked me if I’d tried Viviscal. I’d never heard of it before, even though – I found out subsequently – it was one of the more popular hair loss treatments for women. I ordered myself three months supply for about £100 even though I wasn’t particularly optimistic given my previous experience with hair loss treatments. I only bought the supplements, I know Viviscal do shampoo and conditioner and all that other stuff but my hairdresser told me to forget all those just by the Max Strength food supplements as they contain important ingredient.

I took two supplements every day, one in the morning, and one in the evening. During the first three or four weeks I didn’t notice any change whatsoever though Viviscal do say in their instructions that you need to take it for a least 3 to 4 months before any noticeable effects can be seen – I still felt a little bit disappointed. During the second month I wasn’t too sure but I felt that my hair was starting to grow thicker at the root so I decided to persevere with the rest of the programme. By the time I’d reached the end of my third month of taking Viviscal max strength there was no doubt about it my hair was growing thicker. Previously bald spots around my temples had started growing hair once more, I even think my hair started to grow at a faster rate. I was so relieved that I was going to get my healthy head of hair back after two years of stress, worry and tears, it was all over – I even thought I was going to need to get a at one point.

I bought myself a new triple Pack (three months supply) and look forward to growing my hair back to you as it was before I had my children.

1 Year Later

Now I’ve been taking Viviscal for over 12 months and all I can say is the results have been fantastic by eight months my hair had returned completely to its original state at which point I started only taking one supplement today just to maintain my hair is health and also cut down on costs. Since then my hair has been as good as it ever was. I have tried the shampoo, conditioner and scalp lotion but to be honest they seemed to make no difference, though it was hard to tell as I was already experiencing positive results with the supplements.

I would not hesitate in recommending Viviscal supplements to anyone who is experiencing hair loss – I already have to one person as a matter of fact and they are currently happy with the results.

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