Why is my hair falling out

Ok so i was in the bath yesterday and i noticed a lot of hair floating around so i started fishing it out and there was a lot I mean like alomost a handful then this morning i wake up and take out my ponytail and i notice a lot more hair is falling out why is it doing this? I have very thick hair so i dont think im going bald but am i lacked vitamins or something?


I’m going through the same thing.I blame it on kids and age.i kinda think there is a point in life your hair just kinda thins.I’ve had super thick hair too but now I’m losing it. Also have you died your hair recently?I havnt but its something to consider as dye does fry.


It could be a vitamin deficiency or are you preggers of BFing?


hmmmm, could be vitimans, or pregnancy?do you eat good? do you have any other health issues?


Well I didnt write this post but I sure can apprecite the OP posting it!I never thought about it being vitamin issues.My sons 4 months old and since hes been born ive been breast feeding him so he prob is taking my nutrients,wouldnt suprise me at all.At 3 months I had to start supplimenting because he was taking all y calories nd my milk wasnt fattning enough for him to gain,soo this wouldnt suprise me if it was the cause for my hair loss.Thanks!
Im off to get some vitamins!


Have you colored your hair a lot lately?


I’m experiencing this, too. I have no clue as to why. I’m not pg, I haven’t BF since last August, I’ve been exercising, drinking tons of H2O, taking tons of supplements, eating right, not much stress, haven’t permed or colored my hair. I just can’t think as to why. Looking at my hair you wouldn’t think that I’m losing it, but I used to wear two french braids and they were pretty thick but now they are wimpy. Oh well, gonna have to resort to wigs when I’m an old lady.


Did you have a baby around 4 mths ago or so? Most women lose a good bit of hair around that time…I know I did.


It very well could be your Progesterone is low. After a baby is born your level drops from 400 to 0. The only time we produce prog. is when we menstruate and preg. This will cause hair loss. Arbonne has a hormone cream that will help plus shampoo as well. It is worth a try you get 45 day mb guarantee. Has helped lots of women. Ck out website at http://www.successfromtheheart.myarbonne.com


It could be quite a few things, stress is probably most common, then the vitamin deficiency but most people shed 50 to 150 strands of hair each day. Now they should be replaced with new hair so if you are noticing that your hair isn’t growing back then I would seek a professional to find out if it is serious. Some people with thyroid problems too loose hair. Also low iron intake is linked to women loosing hair, so if you eat little or no meat in your diet it could be that you need to supplement it somehow with iron. Good luck…hope this helps.


Ive had this problem really bad my hair is extreamly thin. I didnt think of it being vitamins WOW I just thought it was from Stress and having a handful of kids that caused it. OH there is some vitamins that my best friend takes to make her hair thicker (she is African American) and it works WONDERS for her hair making it thick and healthy and grows stronger..Im sure other races can use it.she gets it at a Health store where they sell all those vitamins and etc etc. Ill ask her tomarrow what the name and let you all know.

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