Viviscal Extra Strength

viviscal extra strrengthFormulated for women who are worried about their thinning hair, Viviscal Extra Strength dietary supplements are clinically proven to promote hair growth and stop hair loss. It is currently the most effective dietary supplement on the market at combating hair loss caused by:

  • hormonal changes
  • stress
  • poor nutrition
  • menopause
  • post-pregnancy
  • over styling
  • medication

Price Comparison

The list price for a pack (1 months supply) of Viviscal Extra Strength is $60, thankfully low prices can be found online. Use the list below, which is updated on a daily basis, to find today’s lowest price.


  • Horsetail Extract : a natural source of silica, beneficial hair promoting substance.
  • Acerola Extract good for vitamin C (59 mg)
  • Millet seed extract (7.5 mg)
  • Iron (10 mg)
  • Biotin (120 mcg)
  • Niacin (12 mg)
  • Zinc (11 mg)
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate.
  • AminoMar C marine extract (450 mg) : proven to reduce hair thinning.

How Effective Is It?

There have been a number (7 at the time of writing) of clinical trials conducted on Viviscal and the results are quite impressive (note that a weaker version of the supplements – containing less AminoMar C marine extract than in Extra Strength – were used for these trials. Here are a few of the more notable results:

  • 54% of partisipants experienced 70-95% regrowth after 12 months.
  • 68% of the participants were highly satisfied with the results after the trial.
  • 85% of the partisipants experienced total hair regrowth after 8 months.
  • 92% of the participants noticed regrowth of hair after 6 months.
  • 14% reported total regrowth of their hair after 12 months.